SEAS Scorpion
Scorpion dest
That mechanical monster is the problem.

Béla Andras Benedek.

The SEAS Scorpion is a massive and powerful mechanical scorpion, used by Jarvis Babbit as a last resort. The only weapon he has after the Scorpion is his own mobile suit.


This huge robot is both a construction machine used to build the huge jet and the SEAS' last line of defense.

Its sheer size makes it a dangerous opponent.

Its powerful claws and built-in flamethrower turns it from a dangerous opponent into a deadly one. As mobile as it may seem it cannot leave the room in which it is found.


The Scorpion was used to help build the SEAS Volcano Jet.

When Anthony Cole. Béla Andras Benedek and Stina Holmlund break into the SEAS base, Jarvis Babbit activates the Scorpion. Nikolaj Taslow breaks open the control panels, which the heroes destroy, causing the Scorpions attack features to malfunction until it finally blew up.

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