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Larry (an apparent parody of Danny DeVito) is one of the three Flying Trader triplets, and probably the most prominent amongst them. The flying trader isn't really THE flying trader, but rather a set of these practically indistinguishable triplets. His brothers are Harry and Barry.

The flying trader (or traders) is (are) an important part of life on Paraworld - and know(s) it.

All three brothers are short in stature, which is to say they are really short and seem more than a bit shady when first met.

Larry is the self-proclaimed President of the Worldwide Corporation of Independent Traders.


There's almost no way to get around the flying traders- treat them right and they'll treat you right.

Larry is a fast-talking, enthusiastic man, grabbing Béla Andras Benedek by the neck just to tell him about an offer.


Early lifeEdit

Over the years, the trader triplets have managed to build up an impressive trade empire. With the possible exception of the Pirate Stronghold, they are the most important source of trade goods on the planet.

The heroesEdit

The AmazonsEdit

Attack on the Holy CityEdit



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