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Gigantopithecus is an extinct (though many people claim that it still lives) ape, the largest that ever lived. It is related to orangutans.

It is often believed that Gigantopithecus survived to the present day, and lives on as animals such as Bigfoot, or the Yeti.

In the game, it appears as an Easter egg guarding artefacts in Pirates and Hostages, and can be placed on other maps with the Mapeditor. The Gigantopithecus has a very long range, and throws barrels in long range combat, in reference to the Donkey Kong series of video games. In close combat, it thumps opponents and slams the ground.

The Gigantopithecus is utilized as the Dragon Clan Funtitan in the Community Expansion Pack, and as a powerful unit of the SEAS in Mirage.

With an attack power of one hundred in both close combat and long range combat, the Gigantopithecus is as powerful as a Titan- and harder to kill, with over twenty thousand hitpoints.

In Pirates and Hostages, it cannot be selected, only attacked.

How to find the GigantopithecusEdit

Basic stepsEdit

  • Enter the Pirates and Hostages level.
  • Send a ship or amphibious unit close to the main Pirate base.
  • Move the unit to a nearby island populated by barrels.

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