Exo Enforcer
Metal claws
Metal feet
Epoch Required
Epoch 2
Produced In
Harming infantry units
Powerful robot
Close combat unit
Very effective against infantry
Ineffective against most other units
Relatively slow
Resource Costs
Icon food120 Icon wood50 Icon stone0
The Exo Enforcer or Mobile Suit is a strong robot unit used by the SEAS. It is one of the most common weapons of the SEAS.

It is the first and most basic robot in the Exo Enforcer series, the others being the Exo Flamethrower, Babbit's Exo Enforcer, and the Norsemen Exo Enforcer.


Designed for close combat, the mobile suit is a two-legged robot unit which attacks enemies using punches and kicks from its powerful robot limbs. This mechanized unit is produced in the Garage.


When selectedEdit

When ordered to moveEdit

When ordered to attackEdit

Related upgradesEdit

Affecting other unitsEdit

Vechicle defense 1 Epoch 3 Icon food0 Icon wood250 Icon stone200
  • Increases vehicle defence values
Vechicle defense 2 Epoch 4 Icon food0 Icon wood300 Icon stone250
  • Increases vehicle defence values more
Vechicle defense 3 Epoch 5 Icon food0 Icon wood350 Icon stone300
  • Increases vehicle defence values even more

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