Babbit's Exo Enforcer
Babbit's Exo
Metal claws
Metal feet
I will not allow you to return and betray the secret of this world- even if I have to tear Taslov [sic] and his infernal machine apart with my bare hands!

– Babbit from inside the Exo Enforcer.

Babbit's Exo Enforcer is a large, improved version of the Exo Enforcer, and the final in the Exo Enforcer series. It is the personal mobile suit of Jarvis Babbit, used by him as a last resort.

It is capable of flight, and both ranged and close combat fighting.


The Exo Enforcer is a two-legged robot, designed for close combat. Babbit uses a special version with a couple of extras e.g. a minigun.


When Anthony Cole, Béla Andras Benedek and Stina Holmlund destroy the SEAS Scorpion, Jarvis Babbit leaps into the mobile suit as a last attempt to stop them, but they defeat him, and the suit falls into lava.


See Jarvis Babbit.

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